Clowns and Fetuses

Dream Machines by Clowns and FetusesClowns and Fetuses is a collaborative project that consists of found sounds, spoken word, and various conventional instrumentation used in non-conventional ways. Their ideas are to convey certain historical facts and folklore and in recreating events that may surround these certain facts or lore. In recreating these facts or lore they do research and fact find certain events that might revolve around one aspect of the one historical event we are performing. They also encourage people from our audience to partake in the performance process and add to the historical fact finding process. The visuals included in our performances are dream machines, lighting, and video. The importance of the videos is that they contain elements of facts that we are trying to convey in the historical fact finding process. The videos are painstakingly collaged and pieced together by our video art director Rich Polysorbate. The videos also influence our performances in that they are interrelated to what they are trying to perform. The dream machine was invented by Bryon Gysin to influence a dreamlike state through the flickering light which recreates various colors through the light when this dreamlike state is achieved. The use of the dream machine is to give more of an impression of where this historical event is taking place and under what circumstances through the dreamlike state that is supposed to be achieved. We hope that we can add a certain element that most groups cannot.

Clowns and Fetuses’s installation will consist of video and sound that is stimulated by Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine, an awareness of the dream state that is created through REM. The state of mind will be induced through depictions of interactive video, sound, and live Gysin lenticular dream machines.

SoundWalk is on October 5th, 2013. RSVP on Facebook. This will be the 10th and final annual event.