Impossible Moon

Impossible MoonArtist group, Impossible Moon, explore the unknown. Christine Nguyen and Michael Wysong, from Southern California, are fascinated by the diverse ecologies in their surrounding habitats, as well as imagined ones of beyond. Uncovering mysterious worlds, they share their record of looking, making, and play through a unique personal vision. Influenced by traditional arts and crafts, folklore, the sciences, nature, spirituality, and mysticism; fact and fiction combine to connect with the mysterious powers of the universe, initiating a journey to the curious unknown.

For SW2012 Impossible Moon presents Sound Time Capsule: a collection of sounds to be collected during Soundwalk and buried the next day. The question for participants: Describe your daily life. What is important to you? A plaque will designate the burial site.
The time capsule will be opened in 18 years.

For SW2011 Impossible Moon’s Wishing Portal was be presented as an interactive sound installation that invited visitors to tell the universe their wish. Each wish was whispered or shouted; wishes could also be written down and placed in a guarded vessel. In corporeal existence as a platform, a large megaphone, and an accompanying performance by multi-instrumentalist Taihei Tajima, the Wishing Portal installation created the opportunity for participants to reflect upon themselves and the world around them. What do our wishes tell us about each other? By conjuring varied emotions and inviting creativity and imagination, some wishes were funny, some compassionate, and others deeply personal. All were welcome!

Wishing Portal by Impossible Moon by Impossible Moon

SoundWalk is on October 5th, 2013. RSVP on Facebook. This will be the 10th and final annual event.