Erin Scott

Erin ScottErin Scott hears in multi-track and lives for sound! She is a college professor, works in radio, and has been known to blog and podcast.

Sound is a tricky element. It is hard to describe. There are very few adjectives that strictly describe a sound, besides loud and quiet. Many of the adjectives used to describe a sound either come from visual or tactile cues. For the past decade her preferred medium of audio has been difficult for her to create in and successfully place in installation or gallery setting.

The work and interviews of Christian Marclay inspires Erin. Although Marclay works in the aural landscape, his approach and thinking are the same as any visual art form. His sculptures often evoke no sound but are inspired from sound, like a ten-foot high drum kit or a fifty-foot long accordion.

Working in audio around the change from digital to analog, Erin has always been aware of space, from how much storage or space it takes to save to how the audio engulfs or surrounds you. On a similar vein, her work deals with memory defined in the dictionary as the store of things learned and retained by recall and recognition especially through associative mechanisms. It is her hope to evoke personal memory through soundscapes just as perfumes or other smells can mark moments in life. In public spaces, she see sound installation as something that should be fun and grab the “spectator” and make them pause or break up the moment or the path they were on.

For SoundWalk 2011 Erin Scott creates a sonic travel experience, using the sounds collected from travels. The work creates a universal travel experience, using sounds of crosswalks, airports, train stations, and other public spaces. Using a projection she creates a space that gives the listener a transformative experience and make them feel as if they are on a train platform or an airport terminal.

SoundWalk is on October 5th, 2013. RSVP on Facebook. This will be the 10th and final annual event.