F. Myles Sciotto

F.Myles Sciotto is an architect deeply interested in empirical space, the ways in which structure imposes affect and the dialogue between the visceral and theoretical experience. F.Myles explores ”Alternity”, an experiential translation of the mind/body and how the subconscious is able to inform its surroundings. The goal is to develop intelligent architectures and new spatial interfaces created with the pattern processing of bio-data.
While investigating input-output temporality through the observation of sonic, visual and spatial cues, he creates projects which bring a greater aware- ness to viewers perception of these new architectural concepts. His repertoire includes immersive environments, embodied experiences and meta-structures which appropriate spatial awareness and allows for the digital-interaction of projecting our perception. The work aims to advance interactive information feedback and structural systems.

He received his Bachelors in Architecture from UNLV and a Masters in Archi- tecture from SCI-Arc, where he studied with Jean-Michel Crettaz and received the Best Thesis Honors. F.Myles is now a Ph.D student in the Department of Media Arts and Technology at UCSB studying with Marcos Novak and has taught studios and seminars at SCI-Arc, USC and UCSB. He has been a guest critic and lectured at Columbia University, SCI-Arc, Art Center, The Art In- stitute and has exhibited at gallery’s and festivals around the US. He currently lives In downtown Los Angeles.

For SW 2012 Mr. Sciotto presents Neural Aural, an interactive realtime installation which allows the user to hear and see their brainwaves. Using a wireless EEG interface the neural electrical action potential is measured. This data is then analyzed and soni ed though a 4 channel audio system using ambisonics to spatialize the unique bio-composition. Triggers from events such as blinking, deep mediative thought, eyes closed, eyes open etc. are composed into elaborate patterns and rhythms. There is a visual component which projects the patterns of each brainwave state thus allowing the synchronicity of seeing what they are hearing. The user is encouraged to experiment with their thoughts, calming the mind, getting excited, recalling memories, feelings and emotions which they then see and hear the di erences. The goal of this installation is to bring an awareness into the ongoing activity that we each contain but rarely focus on illuminating new potential and awareness to the music of the mind.

SoundWalk is on October 5th, 2013. RSVP on Facebook. This will be the 10th and final annual event.