Lavish Womb

artistic sound and vision iz the channel set ov the program station ov our minds generating  vibrations ov a caliber intuitively received by channeling them form our third eye antennas and manifesting them threw our installations.

Lavish Womb’s peice for SW2012 is titled ( loop, tape, touch, manipulate, ) consists of magnetic tape loops generated from several vintage reel to reel machines consisting of ambient, meditative sounds. These sounds are feed into a board that visitors can touch, interact with, and manipulate. The manipulated audio from the tape will be accompanied by light organs.  

For SW 2011 Lavish Womb presented SYNTH CULT (a sacred ceremony performed with analog synthesizers). For Sound Walk 2011 Lavish Womb’s Synth Cult took people on a magical journey through their sacred ceremony of harmonizing synthesizers, performed by 20 synth cult members. Video projections, lights, and sacred symbols accompany the sounds to create an experience that altered visitors perception and charge their senses.

Lavish Womb is not just a recording label, it is womb for growing creative projects and manifesting the visions of it’s beholders. Lavish womb has a catalog of fantastic cassette tapes and vinyl records that ranges from poetry to funk to totally weird experimental stuff.

Cult Leader 1- Todd Rogers: Todd has a shop in Costa Mesa, Ca, where he does instrument repair and builds radical effects pedals. Todd’s effects pedals go under the name of Tone Butcher, they are cutting edge in design and take sound to new limits.

Cult Leader 2- Joshua Madrid: Joshua is an artist and co-creator of HERE in Costa Mesa, Ca. His artwork and installation pieces are innovative and groundbreaking.

SoundWalk is on October 5th, 2013. RSVP on Facebook. This will be the 10th and final annual event.