osKer Llirrem

osker llirremOsker Llirrem is a noisician gathering sounds from every day sources such as the solitude of a mountain side or sounds of a busy street. He uses micro cassettes, digital recorders, phones, toys, effect pedals, and tape loops to create new sounds from everyday sounds.

Convergent Divergent in the Key of Six is based on the sound sources of Russolo’s Manifesto spoken in various environments invoking the sense of the categories of noise for a random or improvised presentation of sounds. The six distinct versions created in real time matching each family in ten minute increments and ten minute rest periods with final culmination of twenty minute creation, utilizing all six families of noise utilizing radio transmitters and receivers through headphones.
1. Rumbles, Roars, Explosions, Crashes, Splashes, Booms
2. Whistles, Hisses, Snorts
3. Whispers, Murmurs, Mumbles, Grumbles, Gurgles
4. Screeches, Creaks, Rumbles, Buzzes, Crackles, Scrapes
5. Noises obtained by percussion on metal, wood, skin, stone, tarracotta, etc
6. Voices of animals and men: Shouts, Screams, Groans, Shrieks, Howls, Laughs, Wheezes, Sobs

SoundWalk is on October 5th, 2013. RSVP on Facebook. This will be the 10th and final annual event.