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Event Details
  • WHAT: Sound Art Event "SoundWalk 2012", a one-night event of sound installations by 40 local and international sound artists.
  • WHERE: Throughout the area encompassed by 4th St, Linden Ave, 1st St, and Elm Ave.
  • WHEN: Saturday, September 1st, 2012 from 6–10 pm
  • PARKING: Metered parking is available on the street; additional parking is also available in the parking lot at the NW corner of Broadway and Elm Ave.

Now in its ninth year, SoundWalk, is an annual Long Beach art event produced by the artist group FLOOD. In a downtown area encompassing 4th Street and Linden Avenue, First Street and Elm Avenue, pure sonic art as well as works integrating any combination of the visual, conceptual and performative with the aural will activate, catalyze, inspire and surprise. Featured will be sculptures, environments, performances and installations. This year's event will continue the exploration of the concept of connectivity (spatial, geographical, personal, disciplinary etc.)


Alan Dunn / Noise 4 (the) Common Man / Alan Nakagawa & Joseph Tepperman / Brien Engel & Douglas Lee / Clowns & Fetuses / CSULB Laptop Ensemble / Dirty Chaps / Eric Strauss and Gregg Garcia / F. Myles Sciotto / Francene Kaplan / Gary Raymond / gintas k / glenn bach / Harrison Adams / Impossible Moon / Inouk Demers / John Brumley / Jordan Hill / Joshua Dickinson & Muhammad Hafiz Wan Rosli / LavishWomb / Marc Weidenbaum / MLuM / Pedestal & the All Girl Band / Phillip Stearns, Dan Tesene & Gene Kogan / phog masheeen / Roy Anthony Shabla & Nader Ghassemlou / Sander Roscoe Wolff / Seth Shafer / Talking So Much Plastic / Tom Zear / Tom McDermott / wheels / wikiGong

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The artist group, FLOOD produced installation projects from 2004 to 2014. FLOOD is interested in testing the limits of artistic expression through collaboration and experimentation within a variety of artistic genres.


Current members of FLOOD are Kamran Assadi, Frauke von der Horst, Shelley RuggThorp, Marco Schindelmann, and Nick Dynice.

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